Summertime Chi turned DC then NY

To update you all on life so far, I am a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a major in Advertising. At the end of the year, I was accepted into CEA’s 1st Annual Advertising Boot Camp Program, which was held at Howard University. For 2 weeks straight I stayed up literally all night long finishing projects and presentations on our assigned clients (NAACP & Coca-Cola) while competing with 20 other students for internships in Boston or New York. Long story short, I won an internship at Digitas NY and the very next day, I traveled with 9 other winners to the city and have been having the time of my life ever since!
My internship experience has been great and I feel fortunate that I was able to join a digital agency due to the world's rapid changes. I heard in a presentation a couple weeks ago that in the next 5 years, technology will have changed more than it has ever within the past 50. That’s amazing, and I’m glad that I’m able to a part of this digital revolution.

Outside of my internship, I’ve done some pretty cool things. One of them was getting the opportunity to attend a private event at MTV where I was able to meet one of my style icons, Whitney Port!! 

The forum, "It's Up to Us," was revolved around the celebration of young service leaders and was moderated by MTV's Sway Calloway (who called me out! lol) and included Ben Nemtin from the cast of MTV's The Buried Life, Zora Howard, Nyea, and former first daughter, Barbara Bush. 

...and there was also a performance by Rhythm City from ABDC!

What I Wore:

shirt: H&M
pants: Torrid
shoes: Journey's
Necklace: random NY wholesale shop


  1. i'm so proud of you Aryn! You're doing amazing things! :D

  2. Wow! Sounds like you are having an exciting summer! :) Great outfit, btw. LOVE the top, stripes are so huge right now!

    Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista

  3. First saw you on YFF & I thought you were so gorgeous & sweet! :-) I added you on my blogroll. Feel free to return the favor! www.rhapso-DY.com

    Also, congrats on being a boss! LOL

  4. Ever since I saw your video on YFF, I told Gabi we were meant to be friends. She said we had similar styles. I'm following you on Twitter (@TheBossGirlMia). I'm adding you to my blog roll. =)