This Just In!

Forever 21/Faith 21 is now selling wide-calf boots! If you've ever tried shopping for fashionable knee-high boots (which is definitely on my fall-must haves list!), I know sometimes it can be a pain for those with larger calfs. This is great for not only those who are plus size because I have a few straight sized friends who have the same issue. Another plus is that they range from size 7-12!

I think I'll wait for a few more options to choose from before I decide to make a purchase but Check them out!


Vote for me, I'm #3!

...and FYI that's #3 in the list not in rank. 

Two days ago, I got a call from Torrid saying that out of over 4,000 applicants I made top 25 to compete for a modeling opportunity with them. This is similar to the competition I was doing for Forever 21/Faith 21 however the rules are little bit different, in that you CAN vote multiple times in one sitting and I need all of YOUR help to get me in the top 6!

So yup, I'm at it again. Trying to pursue a dream of mine while expanding the definition of beauty worldwide.I hope that you all will support me by voting for me in Torrid's House of Dreams Model Search.


  • Though it's still great, Facebook "like"-ing is not actually voting, so those won't count. You MUST vote and answer 3 short questions (the rest of them are optional) 

  • you CAN vote more than once per day and everyday until September 7th! 
Here's the link to vote:

  • -Once you're done voting, click "LIKE" on my picture :)
  • -Spread the word through your FB statuses, blogs & Twitter updates!!!




Beautiful Beauties on Brooklyn Bridge

Long overdue... but nevertheless, CONGRATULATIONS to Gabi! She is now the first ever MTV TJ. (Make sure to follow her...she's fab, trust me!) The night of the live finale, my whole entire Twitter timeline was full of #teamgabi members and showed lots of love!

Before the live finale, one of the challenges given to Gabi and her fellow contestants was to host an event in effort to see who would receive the most support. Gabi hosted a fashion show on the Brooklyn Bridge, which consisted of 10 models showcasing Torrid's clothing and then a section for her supporters to catwalk. It was a lot of fun!

One of the requirements was to come with a heart drawn on your hand. Below was some of the support that I spotted.

Fashion Show:

Mia Amber. Stunning.

Jeannie Ferguson. Remember her from BET's Rip the Runway? Fierce.

My new friend, Natalie. Gorgeous.

Michelle. Lucky winner of the mini competition held to win $100 Amex gift card!

Gabi & Me. The wind was blowing all over the place!

What I Wore:
Coral Shirt: H&M
Pants: Torrid
Cheetah Flats: Target
Jewelry: combo of Forever 21, NY wholesale shop & Grandma's room