Vote for me, I'm #3!

...and FYI that's #3 in the list not in rank. 

Two days ago, I got a call from Torrid saying that out of over 4,000 applicants I made top 25 to compete for a modeling opportunity with them. This is similar to the competition I was doing for Forever 21/Faith 21 however the rules are little bit different, in that you CAN vote multiple times in one sitting and I need all of YOUR help to get me in the top 6!

So yup, I'm at it again. Trying to pursue a dream of mine while expanding the definition of beauty worldwide.I hope that you all will support me by voting for me in Torrid's House of Dreams Model Search.


  • Though it's still great, Facebook "like"-ing is not actually voting, so those won't count. You MUST vote and answer 3 short questions (the rest of them are optional) 

  • you CAN vote more than once per day and everyday until September 7th! 
Here's the link to vote:

  • -Once you're done voting, click "LIKE" on my picture :)
  • -Spread the word through your FB statuses, blogs & Twitter updates!!!




  1. I just voted for you as well! Good luck, I know you'll make it! Ohh! BTW I love your closet! <3

  2. THANK YOU! Remember, you can keep voting until September 7th! I really appreciate your support! :)