This Just In!

Forever 21/Faith 21 is now selling wide-calf boots! If you've ever tried shopping for fashionable knee-high boots (which is definitely on my fall-must haves list!), I know sometimes it can be a pain for those with larger calfs. This is great for not only those who are plus size because I have a few straight sized friends who have the same issue. Another plus is that they range from size 7-12!

I think I'll wait for a few more options to choose from before I decide to make a purchase but Check them out!


  1. I checked out http://www.WideWidths.com and for the first time in my life I have finally found my first pair of wide calf knee high boots! I am only a size 12 in clothing but my calf is 19” and when you go into a shoe store it feels as if you are a creature from another planet because of the way you are treated when the salesperson sees your calf. When you buy something online, every company calls their boots a "wide calf" but when they arrive you find that they are only an inch or 2 larger than the standard boots that the stores carry since these generally have 14 - 15" calves. This is so frustrating and I have been so upset for years. The best part is that they list the calf size for every foot size so you know exactly what size you are actually getting and as long as you measure your calf, the boots should fit. I personally do not like man-made boots that Forever 21 carries and these are the boots that I bought (much nicer and better quality than the ones on Forever 21): http://www.widewidths.com/maryland.html. What a great find this company is!!

  2. Thanks for that info! yeah, I've heard of a few other sites similar to the one you provided. Most of them being on the more expensive end. Because I wear a size 11, I've never worn shoes from F21 but sometimes hear bad reviews on the quality. I would still recommend them if you're looking for the fashionable yet cheap!